Why Work With Pierce Wealth Management


1. Bill has worked in the financial industry for over 20 years and has over 30 years in the international environment as an US Army Officer

2. Both Bill and George work with a limited number of clients.  This allows them to spend more time working with clients individually to help them pursue  their goals.

3. “After spending over 30 years serving our country as a Military Officer, nothing is more important to me than my Honor and Integrity in everything I do.”  Bill

4. We follow a disciplined strategic approach to investing over the long term.  Today’s markets are dynamic and we strive to identify tactical investment opportunities in any market cycle.

5. As part of our strategic approach, we will do our best to develop a comprehensive financial plan to guide us in accomplishing your Goals including your Needs, Wants and Wishes.

6. Communication is the key to a good working relationship, by working with a limited number of clients we provide at least one contact per month, and remain flexible to respond rapidly to any situation, request or requirement.

7. We are Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor’s CRPC®. With this designation, we are able to provide a higher level of expertise to our clients.  We continually strive to expand our knowledge and demonstrate our expertise.

8. We coordinate with clients’ CPA’s and estate attorneys to help get you assistance with issues outside of the investment’s we manage.  Our clients’ financial picture is more than just their investments.

9. Working within LPL Financial, we have access to a myriad of experts to assist us in managing your goals.  These experts range from insurance specialist to trust officers

10. Online services at LPL Financial are state of the art and allow 24 hours a day 7 days per week access to your accounts.